Manage a restaurant loyalty program using Hostme

Hostme system reservation dashboard helps to monitor table availability and number of booked covers by the shift on the selected date.

Loyalty Programs to Grow in Popularity

80% customers more likely to patronize businesses that offered a loyalty program.

Good for Your Customers

People love to be rewarded. Loyalty programs keep your customers coming back.

Good for Your Business

You can to encourage loyal customers to visit on your slow days.

Simple and Flexible

Setup is simple and does not require any special hardware. You can get your loyalty program up-and-running in no time, and it will work with any point-of-sale system. The flexible configuration allows you to set custom membership levels and rules for awarding points to diners.

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Build your own Rewards

You can set up your reward system to integrate with your restaurant's wait list and reservations. The reward management software gives you the flexibility to define the day of the week and time when rewards can be used, helping you fill tables on days when it's usually slow. Diners can be rewarded with extra points if they experience a long wait time.

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Guest Profile

Get to know your guests by collecting customer information, preferences, and tracking their visit history. Know when your best customers are "in the house" so you can stop by their table to thank them for their repeat business. Upload your customer list into the system.

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