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New party creation flow:
Faster and more intuitive!

Today, we are proud to announce a very important update! Please note that it does require you to restart your Hostme application.

We've made many new improvements, the most notable one being the improvement of the party creation process. There are the screens you use every time you add or change parties in Hostme. We received many requests from you and that's why we have created that flow. We hope you and your staff will enjoy it! Moreover, to continue improving, we need to receive your feedback, so, please let us know what you think. We are striving to make your processes easier and save you time.

Some core things that are changed in the update:

Walk-ins and Waitlist in one flow

Seat walk-in parties when there are free tables, add them to the waitlist once the restaurant is full, or if customers prefer a different table that's not currently available - all in the same flow.

Waitlist and walkin wizard

Edit reservations or parties

Now you can save your party or reservation entry as soon as you see the orange checkmark on the top right. That symbol means you’re not required to add any more details (though you can if you wish). Same when you edit an existing entry, the orange checkmark confirms that the required information have been entered.

Edit reservation

Switch between tabs easily

Need to change the date, waiting time, or party size when the table is already chosen? No problem! Switch between tabs and make changes; Hostme will automatically check to see if this is possible.

Switch reservation, waitlist tab

Warnings and notifications

When you make changes to a reservation or walk-in party and you’ve made a mistake or haven’t completed some of the steps, Hostme will let you know: you’ll see the tab with a problem highlighted + a notification, describing what you need to do.

Waitlist and walkin wizard

Guest info

We’ve added new fields to guests' profile, such as notes or information about their company. They will be displayed in your guestbook, or when the guest returns to your restaurant.

CRM guest info

Smartphone friendly

The new interface is much easier to use on your smartphone. You don’t need to open the map anymore - everything is on your screen when you need it. Just give it a try!

Smartphone friendly

Help us improve Hostme for you!

This is our first iteration of our party creation flow (Wizard). Some additional features are going to be implemented and launched soon and you can be sure that we will keep you informed of what is coming.

We are building this for and with you and your business in mind, we carefully listen to all of your feedback and work hard to create the perfect solution for you.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

by Ilya Gindin

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