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Don't wait at your favorite restaurant ever again!

We all have been in a situation where we are unable to make a reservation at our favorite restaurant because OpenTable reservation system shows that all tables are already booked. Plus, we know that our preferred dining place is always busy and have no desire to stay in line or wait outside. Sure, we can always go to another place where we are able to book a table, but, as patrons, those experiences are especially exasperating. Now, try to imagine the restaurant owner's frustration when this happens and the restaurant is actually not that busy.

That's why we created the innovative Hostme wait-line management system. Hostme is an elegant solution for that exact problem - by combining restaurant's reservation system with their wait line management system, patrons can avoid long lines at their favorite restaurants. So, for instance, if a reservation is not available at their restaurant and all dedicated reservation tables are booked, patrons can put their names on the walk-in list in advance. This will ensure that when they arrive, they will be first in line for a table. This mechanism allows patrons to escape long lines and restaurants to fill out their tables more effectively.

At this time, Hostme is the only vendor to offer this hybrid solution to restaurant's owners. This solution can be set up on its own or in combination with the OpenTable system already in place. We offer tailored programs to fit the specific needs of restaurants. Pick one of our preset programs or contact us for a custom one:

I am OpenTable customer and:

I want to cut my OpenTable costs
I want to maximize number of table turns with Hostme "Hybrid" reservation mode
I want to use Hostme to manage walk-in traffic and enable "get in line on a fly" service

I am not OpenTable customer:

I would like to offer reservations to my guests
I want to use Hostme to manage our walk-ins

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