Our story

We all love to go out and try new restaurants. But a long waitlist can ruin a culinary experience before the first bite. Hostme was born from our food-loving team's frustration about waiting-and our always churning creative minds. We asked ourselves, What if we could simply carry our mobile phones, and wait for a text, instead of holding onto a big buzzer with a limited range? What if we could choose to wait a little longer long enough to finish up that drink and that conversation without losing our table entirely? What if we could be rewarded for our patience, and earn loyalty points for the time we spent waiting in a virtual line?

Hostme is our answer. Waiting is a frame of mind. Hostme reduces frustration for diners, hosts and restaurants and replaces the traditional reservation system with a real-time app that makes no-shows and big buzzers obsolete.

Meet our team

Evgeny Popov

Co-founder & CEO

He is an entrepreneur and visionary who also love food and fine dining. He is building company that helps restaurants to make dining experiences better. 20+ years in IT.

Slava Koltovich


He is excellent in strategy execution and running IT business. Angel investor. Technologist with 20+ years of experience.

Alexey Strakh

Co-founder & Mobile Team Lead

He has over 15years of experience in software development. He is truly a guru when it comes to mobile application development.

Marina Alinchenko

Co-founder & CFO

She loves numbers and numbers love her. Finance and accounting are the main areas of her expertise. MBA from Georgetown University.

Pavel Voynov

Art Director

He developed & designed more than 30 mobile (iOS/Android) and web interfaces in last 5 years. Damn, he know how to build great UX!

Yury Konovalov

Lead Backend Developer

He is reliable, quick leaner and experienced software developer. We have trusted him the heart of the product - our priceless backend.

Gleb Khmyznikov

Lead Frontend Developer

He is self-motivated and talented web developer. He likes to solve problems and he is good at it. Conscientious and hardworking team member.

Denis Golubtsov

Frontend Developer


Mary Fabro


15 and some years of experience in IT Marketing. 3 Masters and a very French accent.

Ilya Gindin

Lead Product Manager


Anya Shalai

Senior QA Engineer


Anna Polityko

QA Engineer


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